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What are the important parts of a pool?

All pools have several important components that make their operation the most optimal for their use, in some cases, as commercial pools have more components than residential pools, since due to the large quantity of water and size of the pool, it needs of other factors to be able to control the cleanliness of the water, especially if we are in the summer season, which is when they are most used. For example, water parks have components of large industrial shapes due to their capacity and use, but in this case we will only talk about the basic components that a pool must have so that it can operate easily.

Let's start to list which are the important parts of a pool:

1.- Water pump

2.- Cartridge or sand filter

3.- Water return

4.- Skimmer

5.- Selector valves

6.- Chlorine dispenser

7.- Main drain

8.- Lighting

Water pump

The water pump is the main part that a pool needs, since it is responsible for circulating the water through the pipe and the water filter, not allowing the water to remain stagnant. When a pump is damaged, the pool automatically begins a stagnation process and this causes the water to begin to turn green.

Cartridge or sand filter

The filter is a fundamental piece in a swimming pool, whether commercial or residential, it is the one that allows filtering all the impurities that the water or the pool may have, either by use of people, tree leaves, among others. Filter maintenance is vital for a pool to maintain clean water over time, it is recommended to perform maintenance every week, everything will depend on its use.

Water return

The returns fulfill the function of ensuring that the water that passes through the filter returns filtered to the pool. When the pump is working it is through the returns that the water circulates. These elements are installed on the wall in the shallowest area, that is, positioned opposite the skimmers.


The skimmer is a kind of basket that is located inside the pool at the top. The water enters through a window and the leaves, branches and insects get stuck in the basket. The water that passes through the skimmer continues its journey until it reaches the filter where the smallest impurities, such as dead skin or hair, are retained. Meanwhile, the basket is removed when the pool is maintained to be able to remove all the larger debris such as the leaves that were trapped in it.

Selector valves

These valves are responsible for making sense of the water circulation, we can close the suction of the skimmer or that of the main drain in case there is a leak. It is not advisable to keep them closed because it would cause poor water circulation and could destabilize the entire chemical process.

Chlorine dispenser

It is one of the best choices for disinfecting water. It is installed in the pool system and is responsible for controlling the chlorine level, and can be adjusted according to the use that is given to the pool. Chlorine tablets are generally used to stabilize the chemicals.

Main drain

At the bottom of the pool we will need to suck the water to be able to carry it to the filter through these drains. It is very important that this equipment is antivortex to avoid trapping by suction of bathers.

These are some basic elements for your pool to function optimally, having the water completely clean and ready for bath time. Although there are many more equipment available to make your space a more personalized place to your needs.


Lamps serve two functions in a swimming pool: decorative and safety. It is elementary that the pools are well lit at night, since anyone could fall victim to not seeing it well.

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