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Professional Partnership

We work closely with more than 3 reliable firms that specialize on commercial and residential swimming pools.

Pulexa can engineer a pool for any backyard or commercial setting. In addition to a vast library of standard engineering plans, we can take any existing plan and customize it to your specifications. Our staff also engineers pools from scratch, taking your idea and engineering it into reality.  We can engineer and design any of the following:

Skilo Engineering Services Inc.

Scott V.

Vanishing edges

Rock features

Beach entries



Water slides

Vinyl liner pools



Surcharge conditions

Retaining walls



Wood patio structures

Low maintenance deck and patio options.


Pulexa’s staff and engineers are familiar with all state and local building codes, laws, and regulations that impact pool construction, both residential and commercial, and provide plans that meet them all while also meeting your expectations. We excel at innovative solutions and designs, and pride ourselves on delivering plans that save you time and hassle during the project. 

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